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We help businesses streamline receivables by accepting, processing and posting any payment type, from any payment channel.

Aveia PS

Some of our core features

Bank and merchant processor agnostic — leverage existing relationships. 30+ configurable, on-demand reports within the our best user interface.

Accept Any Payment Type

Easily manage all payment types — cards, checks, cash — on a single, configurable receivables platform.

Flexible Back Office Integration

Seamless integration to existing banks, credit card processors and accounting software and systems.

Serious Security

Rest assured. Our fully-compliant SaaS platfrom delivers multiple layers of security and compliance.

Our easy-to-deploy, modular payments solution, Aveia PS, allows you to plot your own course to receivables success

What people say about Aveia

We did a lot of research into the tools available to us… Aveia offered all the best practices we wanted to see. Their platform enables us to focus on meeting demand, which has been huge

John Doe


We increased our profit by offering new payment opportunities with Aveia.

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Payment channels

How it works?

  • Credit Card Solutions

    Want to work with a powerful credit card payment system so your credit card processing software gives you the highest possible level of information? The FTNI system is regularly able to pull sufficient information to qualify the transactions as level two or level three, giving you more power when you need it. The system eliminates the need for extensive silos for different financial uses, so everything uses the same interface and coalesces nicely into a single accounting system, no matter which department is making the transaction. Additionally, queries can be linked to the customer’s account directly, not on which department did the transaction.

  • Software as a Service

    FTNI’s ETran application requires no difficult hardware or software installations because the system works in a Software as a Service (SaaS) environment and the entire application runs on FTNI’s secure server. The data warehouse is secure and compliant with PCI, SAS70 and HIPAA. The only thing that needs to be downloaded is the thin client user interface, which is quick and easy. Most training is done online. As PWC partner Andy Morgan said, “The real hotspot in the world of applications is software as a service (SaaS) as organizations see the benefits of moving large-scale software expenses from their capital budget to their operating budget.” This electronic transaction system offers a real electronic transaction solution, and customer savings, streamlining of services and data and the ability to transact all finds of financial transactions in one simple interface are just part of the package.

  • Easy Integration

    FTNI's SaaS solution delivery allows you to make your current complimentary systems perform more easily and more effeciently. The FTNI platform system is runs in its secure PCI, SSAE16 and HIPAA compliant data center. Installation of the platform requires a simple download, administered and assisted by FTNI’s friendly IT staff.

  • Data Retrieval

    As a result of technology like this, data retrieval for transactions is easier and less expensive when all transactions go through a single platform. The user interface has a strong search feature that allows easy and quick access to all your client payment information, no matter by which venue it arrived, by batch or real-time entry. By interconnecting payment and accounting, costly errors as well as time spent sorting through the available data are greatly reduced.
    The check scanning software section of the interface also offers opportunities for cost savings. Check scanning populates custom information for your database, allowing reduction of manual accounting entry and freeing up staff time. The check processing software and remote deposit capture interfaces seamlessly with the Automated Clearing House (ACH) solutions, verifying funds and allowing for quick and easy accounting updates.

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